Miami Marlins – Hottest Team in the Majors

The Miami Marlins have been surging of late and that means it’s time to look at their odds in case they are about to shorten.

By: Shane Lambert

The Miami Marlins are the hottest team around at the moment as they have won nine of their last ten games. On Thursday the Marlins completed a sweep of the Arizona Diamondbacks and less recently they swept the Los Angeles Dodgers in a four-game series. Still considered an afterthought in the NL East, Miami are 15-12 overall and 3.5 games back of the Washington Nationals.

With the Mets and Nationals the beasts of the east, Miami is a team that could have plenty of trouble keeping their head above water in what looks like a competitive division. That is especially the case if the Philadelphia Phillies are for real this season and so far they do look legitimate as they have a .552 winning percentage. But when it comes to backing Miami you could still get them way out at 16 to 1 with Ladbrokes to win the NL East, odds that appear to under-rate their chances.

Another angle with the Marlins is an each-way one with Ladbrokes in the NLCS market. Winning the division is just one way into the post-season with the Wild Card game another. At 33 to 1 to win the NLCS, odds of 33 to 2 are available on each-way options (1-2 for placement) meaning that line hits even if Miami only make the NLCS.

For those pondering the Marlins, I wouldn’t be surprised to find a contingent that want to wait and see what they do over a longer period. However, that will be at the risk of losing long odds on them that are currently available. I could put them at more like 6 to 1 in their division right now, meaning 16 to 1 is offering very good value and worth taking.


1-pt bet on Miami at 16 to 1 in the NL East