Major League Baseball Accumulator for May 10th

Take the Nationals, the Mets, the Chicago Cubs, the D-backs, and the Phillies.

By: Shane Lambert

Yesterday’s three-fold accumulator hit in a round about way. I had recommended the Chicago Cubs to beat San Diego, the New York Mets to beat the Dodgers, and the Washington Nationals to beat the Detroit Tigers. The Mets won and Washington won while the Chicago game was voided with BetVictor due to the postponement of the match. That means the double hit on the parlay for a nice top up.

For Tuesday, I’m going with the same three teams and mixing in the Philadelphia Phillies to beat the Atlanta Braves and the Arizona Diamondbacks to beat the Colorado Rockies. Here’s my reasoning for each selection.

Washington Nationals vs. Detroit Tigers (7:05pm ET)

  • Washington are 9-4 at home while Detroit are 9-8 on the road, but more importantly the Tigers are losers of 7 straight games
  • Take Washington at 5/8 with BetVictor (1-pt)

Philadelphia Phillies @ Atlanta Braves (7:10pm ET)

  • The Phillies have a modest winning record on the road, but Atlanta are a terrible 1-15 from home
  • Take Philadelphia at EVEN odds with BetVictor (2-pt)

New York Mets @ Los Angeles Dodgers

  • The Mets are 11-5 on the road while the Dodgers are just 5-9 at home
  • The Mets’ probable starter is Jason de Grom (3-1 1.99 ERA) while the Dodgers only counter with Alex Wood as a probable starter (1-3, 5.18 ERA)
  • Take the Mets at 10/13 with BetVictor (2.5-pt)

Chicago Cubs vs San Diego Padres (8:05pm ET)

  • The Cubs are 11-3 at home, they are .800 overall, and they have won seven straight
  • The Padres are 5-8 as visitors
  • Take the Cubs at 2/5 with BetVictor (2.5-pt)

Arizona Diamondbacks @ Colorado Rockies (8:40pm ET)

  • Colorado is just 4-9 at home while Arizona are 11-6 on the road
  • Take Arizona at EVEN odds with BetVictor (1.5-pt)

Parlay options:

A one unit bet on the five-fold accumulator returns 15.68 units. However, I am recommending a Canadian which consists of 26 bets (10 doubles, 10 trebles, 5 four-folds, and the five fold)


2-pt bet on a Canadian for the five selections above with BetVictor